Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Total Package!!!

It's not very often that Hannah gets a post all about her, but yesterday was one of those days that I was so proud.  I volunteer in her class as a "reading mom" every Monday.  I do this for her class only.  Amelia gets so much extra time and attention for appointments and requires extra time at home just for her daily care and homework, that this is something special that I can do just for Hannah.  Anyway, I enjoy the time with Hannah and her friends (plus, one of the perks is that the teacher gives little insights into how Hannah is doing).

I will just start into this with a little description of Hannah.  She is healthy, bright, spunky, and STRONG WILLED.  She also has a very sweet and sensitive side at times- other times she shows no mercy.  She loves to talk and always likes to have "the last word."  She can be really hard to parent (in fact, much harder to parent than Amelia).  It is not that infrequent that Steven and I will just look at each other and wonder where we went wrong with Hannah (yes, she can be THAT difficult).  So, when moments like yesterday come along, it helps us to feel like we are doing something right.

So, yesterday Hannah's teacher told me that she thinks that Hannah is one of the smartest kids in the class.  She is an excellent reader, has the maturity to understand complex concepts, and has good social skills.  She said that Hannah is "the total package."  WOW!!! 

That definitely makes us so proud of Hannah.  To know that even through all of the difficult times at home, that she is able to shine at school.  We just hope and pray that she continues to do well and that we are able to parent her in a way that will continue to build her into an amazing girl. 

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Kim said...

Oh my goodness, your Hannah sounds JUST LIKE my oldest girly. We like to say that she has an "exhausting" personality.. that child is SO SMART (like your Hannah!) and she is good at EVERYTHING (which probably doesn't help her 'tude).. but she can drive a momma CRAZY! I love her to pieces, but she is unlike any child that I have ever met before!